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Grant Contract No. Д-33-9/31.03.2023
Project name: “Black Sea Electromobility”
Project number: BGENVIRONMENT-4.004-0010

Beneficiary: Municipality of Kavarna

    • Byala municipality
    • Dalgopol municipality
    • Dolni Chiflik municipality
    • Nessebar municipality
    • Primorsko municipality
    • Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA)
    • Smart Innovation Norway AS, Norway

Total value: 779.674,75 BGN / 398.641,37 EUR; Grant – 767.506,67 BGN / 392.419,93 EUR
Duration: 13 months (31.03.2023 – 30.04.2024)

The Environment Protection and Climate Change Programme aims to improve the environmental status of ecosystems and to reduce the impact of pollution and other human activities and to contribute to the overall objectives of the EEA FM 2014-2021 and in particular the reduction of economic and social differences in the EEA countries and strengthening the bilateral relations between the Donor States and Bulgaria. Therefore, the current project unites the efforts of six municipalities (Kavarna, Byala, Dalgopol, Dolni Chiflik, Nessebar and Primorsko) located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to adapt to the changing climate and reduce emissions by implementing innovative measures in the transport sector and increasing the capacity of their municipal employees.

Through a series of joint trainings, research and borrowing of good practices from donor countries, the capacity of local authorities to plan socially acceptable adaptation policies, implement measures to prevent or minimize the damage that climate change can cause will be improved. In order to adapt to the footprint of climate change specific to municipalities with developed maritime tourism, an innovative, demonstration model called the “Black Sea Corridor for Electromobility” will be implemented on the territory of the partner municipalities. For this purpose, charging stations for electric cars will be built on the territory of Kavarna, Byala, Dulgopol, Dolni Chiflik, Nessebar and Primorsko municipalities. Thus it will be formed figuratively, the so-called “Black Sea Corridor for Electromobility”, which covers more than 330 km along the coast. The installation of the charging stations will stimulate the use of electric cars by the local population and will allow Bulgarian and foreign tourists to travel safely along the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast or transit from Romania to Turkey and Greece with electric cars. Solar panels will be installed on the six charging stations for station autonomy and use of “green energy”. Within the project, one electric car will be purchased for each partner municipality, which will be used to provide municipal services in the field of social activities, education, culture, youth activities, sports, etc.


Main goal: Increasing the capacity of the partner municipalities for evaluation of their strategic and planning documents in terms of planned and implemented activities leading to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change mitigation in order to improve the planning and implementation of new strategic actions for the introduction of good practices, incl. from donor countries to adapt to climate change.

Specific objectives:

      • Providing training for the specialists of the six partner municipalities to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the current strategic plans and the climate measures contained in them, and in the planning of measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change
      • Development and implementation of measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the field of transport on the territory of the partner municipalities
      • Improve cooperation by disseminating good practices from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the field of adaptation to climate change at local level
      • Increasing the capacity of local communities to reduce emissions by developing Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Plans and adapting to climate change for the project partner municipalities.


  • Developed e-report with good practices in the field of adaptation to climate change 
  • Interactive videos on the benefits of using the electric cars
  • Conducted training seminar for municipal employees
  • Developed Municipal Plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change
  • Working visit to Norway for municipal officials
  • Delivered electric cars for each municipality-partner
  • Installed charging stations with solar panels for electric vehicles on the territory of the partner municipalities
  • Developed mobile application for charging stations

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