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The progress of the project was presented at the XVII National Conference of ABEA in Sofia /28.11.2023

The progress of the “Black Sea Е-mobility” project was presented during the XVII National Conference of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA), which took place in the period November 27-29, 2023 at Hemus hotel – Sofia. The achieved results of the project at the moment caused real interest among the present politicians, municipal representatives, energy experts, etc. The initial contribution and efforts of the six Black Sea municipalities of Kavarna, Byala, Dulgopol, Dolni Chiflik, Nesebar and Primorsko for the transformation of municipal road transport towards zero-emission mobility was shared by eng. Tonev, an expert on the project.

A discussion sparked the relevance of the project and the combination of tourism as a structural determinant for the region and the construction of autonomous charging stations on the territory of relatively small, but very visited during the summer season by tourists and guest municipalities.

The National conference of ABEA was held with the assistance of the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy, and the topics included this year were focused on the strategic vision, policies and necessary reforms for the implementation of the energy transition.

The three-day forum opened with the XVII National Conference of ABEA, in which a number of topics related to the decarbonization of the Bulgarian economy were touched upon: from strategic planning and financing mechanisms to energy management in municipalities, reduction of energy poverty, creation of energy communities, certification schemes and skills development for the design and construction of zero-energy buildings.

Then, within the framework of a series of sustainable energy financing roundtables, EnEffect, Sofia Municipality and the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a conference “Policies and Investments for a Sustainable, Efficient and Secure Energy System”, which gave the official start to the public consultations on the Integrated national energy and climate plan.

The last day of the conference was filled with strong international participation and dedicated to municipal energy management systems, which are of utmost importance for attracting investment in the first days of the new mandates for local government management.

BGENVIRONMENT-4.004-0010 “Black Sea E-mobility”, funded by the Grant Agreement № D-33-9/31.03.2023 with the financial support of the Program “Environmental Protection and Climate Change” of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.

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