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Norway’s EV promotion policy is extensive and aims to stimulate the transition to electric mobility

Norway’s EV promotion policy is extensive and aims to stimulate the transition to electric mobility

No other country in the world has more electric vehicles per capita than Norway. 54% of new cars sold in the country in 2020. are electric cars. The built infrastructure includes more than 16,000 charging stations throughout the country. The political goal is for the entire Norwegian car fleet to be zero emission (electric or hydrogen) by 2025!

In Norway, the municipal policy on electric vehicles plays an important role in promoting their use. Here are some measures that are being taken at the municipal level:

  • Charging infrastructure: Municipalities are actively developing a network of charging stations for electric vehicles. They install charging stations in public parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, train stations and other places to provide charging convenience for electric vehicle owners.
  • Benefits and incentives: Some municipalities provide their own benefits and incentives for electric vehicle owners. This may include exemptions from parking charges, road tax incentives, preferential conditions for obtaining road use permits and other benefits.
  • Electric public transport: Many municipalities are actively investing in the development of electric public transport. This could include replacing bus fleets with electric buses or introducing other forms of electric public transport such as electric trains or trams.
  • Education and promotion: Municipalities run information campaigns and educational programs to raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles and persuade people to use them. This may include holding exhibitions, seminars, demonstrations and dissemination of information materials.
  • Infrastructure planning: Municipalities are considering electric vehicles in urban infrastructure planning. They include charging stations in master development plans, provide charging areas in parking lots and take measures to ensure the convenience of using electric vehicles in urban environments. Community policy in Norway is aimed at creating an enabling environment for electric vehicles and promoting the transition to clean energy.

Within the framework of the “Black Sea E-mobility” project, 12 municipal employees from the partner municipalities will have the opportunity to get acquainted on the spot with good practices from Norway and increase their knowledge of developing and implementing innovative measures for adaptation to climate change at the local level, with emphasis – measures in the field of transport.🟩

👉Soon we will share impressions and photos from our working visit to the city of Halden, Norway, where the Norwegian partner Smart Innovation Norway is headquartered Smart Innovation Norway is a leading applied research and business development company within sustainable energy, applied artificial intelligence, digital entrepreneurship, smart cities and communities, social and behavioral innovation.


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